Yorkshire Three Peaks Helps Team Munro Excel to New Heights

Yorkshire Three Peaks Helps Team Munro Excel to New Heights

Our teams are put through challenges in construction and engineering every day, but it is important for the very best teams to continue developing in other environments too. That is exactly what some of our M&E colleagues at our Cambridge and Chelmsford, Essex office did earlier this year, when they took on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

Approaching The Challenge – Planning for Success

For the 10 members of Munro staff involved, training began in January. The team decided to take on the challenge and climb the mountains of Pen-Y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough in April. This equates to climbing 62,500 steps, 26 miles or 500 floors.

A few weeks before the walk took place, the office was buzzing with excitement. Staff came together to organise hotels, discuss eating plans and speak tactics. Sharing each other’s knowledge ensured everybody was prepared and that laid the foundations for their amazing achievement.

What Our Team Found Out When They Reached The Top

Teamwork is important, it’s making the most of your colleagues, having trust in them and being able to ask for assistance when you need it. As a provider of mechanical and electrical maintenance services, it’s vital our teams pull together and operate like a well-oiled machine and maintain constant communication and dialogue with each other to achieve success. Needless to say, when they reached the top, the challenge could be likened to that of a normal day in the office but with a few extra steps thrown in for good measure!

Sally Bedwell, Business Development Manager, who took part in the challenge said: “I’m proud to say that we completed the challenge but above all else I’m proud of my colleagues. For all of the Tom Foolery and banter we have in the office at times, when we needed each other the most, we were there for each other. This is one of the best examples of Teamwork I have experienced and seen amongst colleagues.”

We are proud that our staff members were able to take part in this challenge and prove that our team is strong inside and outside of their comfort zones.

Munro’s team consisted of: Alan Buttress, Jonpaul Simpkins, Michael Buttress, Andy Sewell, Chris Malins, David Clark, Ed Tarrant, Mark Taylor, Paul Leonard and Sally Bedwell.

But what challenge is next?

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